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Safe, Effective, and Personalized




Bad Back? Bad Knees or shoulder pain?  Are you in pain and fear that exercising will just make it worse? Have you been told by other trainers that you are un-trainable?  We can help!

At Fairfield Strength we specialize in working with pre-existing conditions.  We can help you get out of pain and get into shape - SAFELY.  Our training model involved fitting our program to our people.  You get what you need - Safe, Effective, and Personal Training. No Pain/No Pain. 

We use intelligent, evidence-based training methods that take the guesswork out of fitness. You can get back in shape.  We can help.  Fitness is hard word, but we make it fun - Guaranteed!


Come as you are - It's all good. 

elite performance coaching

for sport and life

we believe

We believe that pain is not a good thing. Movement should be fun and training should be purposeful. Our coaches and trainers are constant learners, practicing what we teach. Our athletes are our teammates, and our team is family.  If you are looking for a small group training experience, or a private or semi-private session, please consider Fairfield Strength.

our focus

We focus on balance, strength, conditioning and stabilization using a variety of training modalities to help you reach your goals. One of our primary tools is the kettlebell training, which allows for safe and effective training for every body type, age, gender, ability and fitness level. You will be amazed at how this iron tool can change and challenge you! 


The hardest workout you will ever love. Safe, addicting, and extremely effective at building muscle and burning fat. Learn from one of Seattle's best! Learn more . . . 


Born in the Navy SEALs, TRX Suspension Training develops strength, balance, flexibility, and core stability simultaneously. Learn more . . . 


Imagine squeezing a 3 hour high intensity workout into 30 minutes.  Imagine this workout increases lean muscle mass, reduces body fat, and stimulates the production of HGH - human growth hormone.  Now imagine this training is safe and effective for any athlete, especially those recovering from injury. KAATSU is the real deal! Learn more . . .


A cutting-edge, brain based training system

that helps improve health, alleviate pain, and maximize athletic

performance.  "Z" is what you have been looking for without knowing. Strength, speed, and precision of movement live in the brain. Despite what you may have heard, you will never get faster by just lifting weights. Learn more . . .









Kathleen was introduced to kettlebells by George in 2011 and was hooked. She moved to Seattle and went on to get her SFG certification. She taught for four years at Kettlebility in Seattle, the first kettlebell studio in the Pacific Northwest, using Pavel Tsatsouline’s system to teach others safely and effectively.

  • Certified Strong First Kettlebell Instructor (SFG)

  • FMS Professional Level 2

  • Ground Force Method Instructor

  • Certified KAATSU Specialist

  • Certified TRX Instructor 



Former owner/master trainer at Black Rock Kettlebell Club and strength coach for the SHU Men's Soccer Program, George brings 30+ years of training, learning, and coaching experience to FS. 

  • Z Health Performance Movement Specialist: R, I, S. T, 9S, and Combatives Certified

  • Certified KAATSU Specialist

  • IAFF/IAFC Firefighter PFT

  • FMS Professional Level 2,

  • Ground Force Method Inst.


  • Certified TRX Instructor 

  • CJSA "E" License Soccer Coach

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"Kathleen is a fabulous trainer. She is knowledgable, responsive and pays attention to your needs so that she can guide you correctly. She knows how to push you while keeping you safe and comfortable so that you can achieve your goals. I love how Kathleen "gets" me—she understands my challenges and helps to figure out a way around them. She's smart, funny, and fearless. I am so appreciative of how she keeps me motivated and making me want to come back for more!" ~ Mayumi, Seattle

“Kathleen is an attentive, knowledgeable, and compassionate kettlebell instructor whose enthusiasm energizes those around her. She delivers quality instruction with cheerful wit and provides targeted, easy to understand feedback that produces quick results for all levels of kettlebell practitioners. Kathleen creates a collaborative, yet challenging workout environment that makes people want to sweat it out and come back for seconds.. or thirds.”~ Thomas, Seattle


"You get the full package in Kathleen Chandler. Capable instruction with an eagle eye on safe and proper form. Strenuous workout design that leaves everyone from novices to jocks in a pool of sweat. Sensitivity to clients' needs and goals. And an engaging personality with a great laugh and warm smile!"~ Gena, Seattle


"I have been a Kettlebility member for 2.5 years, and Kathleen has been an integral component of my success in taking on kettlebells as a training format. Training with Kathleen has greatly improved my performance in my half-marathon and triathlon races. She is a very approachable trainer with a great balance between being supportive and giving some "tough love" to help me push past my comfort zone and become stronger and more balanced as an athlete. She focuses on form and safety rather than speed and reps, and brings a lot of fun and energy to class - which is a great thing, because the laughter and support helps me to get through her classes, which are tough and a great workout. She's also great at providing excellent nutritional advice and, when I'm traveling for work, solid workouts that I can do anywhere without having to travel with a kettlebell."~ Karen, Seattle


"Kathleen was my very first Kettlebility instructor, and her fun, high-energy classes have helped me to become strong beyond my expectations. She keeps her students moving with a personable and encouraging yet challenging style of instruction. A knowledgeable, safety conscious and watchful trainer, she is precise with instructions and corrections, and I love her choice of techniques and the balanced way she constructs her workouts. Plus she makes us laugh. Thanks for the pushups and the slider abs, Kathleen…you rock!"~ Mary, Seattle


"I truly appreciate Kathleen’s ability to provide individual attention even in a group setting.  She is able to break down the series of movements required in a way that is very helpful and useful, while offering lots of positive feedback in a fun and constructive environment."~ Janet, Seattle

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