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Working Out at Home

Are you working out at home during this health crisis? Do you miss attending scheduled classes? Does it feel like you have lost consistency and accountability? Let’s make the most of this time we have at home and build some habits that you can use going forward.


Dedicate a space for exercise, indoors and/or outside. It doesn’t have to be a home gym with rubber flooring and loads of equipment. But use that space for training, instead of multitasking with work and kids’ activities, if possible. If the sun is out, move your session outside for a change of pace. But be consistent with your space, and if possible, the time of day you train. This will help build consistency into what has become a very loose and unpredictable schedule, especially if you have kids at home.


It’s challenging to hold yourself accountable now. So instead of fitting in exercise after you complete your daily work, make an appointment with yourself to train. Actually put it in your calendar. There are too many distractions at home like TV, the refrigerator, laundry, the couch, etc. that can derail good intentions. Training for a full hour is more challenging now with family members at home – it doesn’t have to be a full hour.


Start on a smaller scale with “movement snacks”. These are short but effective mini sessions that will get you moving and energize you. You can start with bodyweight movements. It could be as simple as three rounds of 15 bodyweight squats and 5-10 push ups. Once you’re ready for more, add more. If you’re a Fairfield Strength member, you are receiving workouts in your inbox that are 10-15 minutes in length. Take advantage of those! If you need more, try combining a few “movement snacks” or do one of the longer workouts in your inbox. Also check out our Fairfield Strength YouTube channel for more options.


If you’re sitting a lot, make sure you get up from your chair regularly and stretch your legs. Make it a goal to get up from your chair at least once an hour (set an alarm if you need to) and move. Stretch your quads and hip flexors (cobra is wonderful for this). Try this: 3 cobras, 5 push ups, and 10 bodyweight squats on the hour. Your body will thank you!


Bodyweight exercises are no joke. They can be scaled to beginners or experts or anything in between. If you have some basic equipment at home you can challenge yourself even more. TRX, kettlebells, dumbbells, and resistance bands are great options to accelerate your training. Our members are welcome to borrow our equipment for at-home workouts, which are sent to your inbox every 2-3 days. Or, you can check out our YouTube Channel for more content.

These are unprecedented times. Many of us now have spouses and kids home 24/7 . Exercise and movement are fun and effective stress relievers for the whole family. Show compassion to yourselves and each other. Until we meet again…..

Kathleen and George

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