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Summer is over and the kids are back at school.  You've worked hard to get them organized and set them up for success.  Now it's your turn.

Re-boot, re-charge, and re-commit to getting fit and staying healthy.  At Fairfield Strength we have the tools, the talent, and the tenacity to help you become the best possible version of you.  We provide the very best in strength training, fitness coaching, and nutritional guidance.  

We are a small, elite, salon-style fitness studio specializing in kettlebell training, KAATSU, TRX, and the Z-Health brain-based training system.  We provide a highly personalized training experience designed to help you get and stay healthy and strong.  We utilize evidence-based training that is safe, efficient, and really works.  Our goal is to get you organized and set up for success! Consider this YOUR back to school. We will teach you everything you need to know!  All you have to do is learn and have FUN!

                                       Are you ready to RE-BOOT?

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This 12 week program includes before and after segmental body scans.  Using the results of the scan we can accurately identify your personal bio markers and use the information to establish accurate and realistic goals that we can help you achieve.  You will learn how to work smart, using evidence-based exercise designed to increase muscle mass, increase cardiovascular endurance, and incinerate body fat.  Combined with simple but effective nutritional guidance, you'll look better, feel better, sleep better, and think more clearly.  One of the most important benefits of this type of training program is improved mental clarity.  This is a smart do-able program that produces lasting change.

Are you ready to RE-BOOT?

If you are nervous or skeptical about training with kettlebells, don't worry.  We'll teach you everything you need to know so that your training is safe, effective, and FUN!

With this program you will receive:

  • 12 weeks of unlimited classes

  • THREE one-hour personal training sessions  - a $300 value

  • Two INBODY 770 Body Scans - before and after - a $200 value

  • Nutrition and mindset guidance

  • Bonus training sessions

  • Private Facebook group for nutrition, accountability, and community

Price:  $599

Program start date:  Sunday, Sept 23rd is our Get Started Meeting at 7:30pm

Questions?  Call us today at 203.913.5213.  We can't wait to talk with you and help get you started!


all sports performance training

What Parents Have to Say About Youth Performance Training

“This is the only activity that my son reminds me about – he doesn’t want to be late.”


“I signed my son up to improve his baseball, but when football season started he was a completely different player than last year! He is way more confident, your training is amazing!”


“My daughter has a presence on the soccer field that she never had before, she used to get pushed off the ball, now she dominates!”


“This is the first season my daughter has played that she hasn’t gotten injured, I know it is because of your training.”

The Program

A team based training program designed to provide each athlete with a highly personalized experience that will improve performance and reduce preventable injury. This program is cutting edge and the result of over 30 years of learning and experience. We utilize Z-Health Performance Solutions as our training model, incorporating functional neurology and a brain based training model into all of our programming. In addition, we combine best practice Functional Movement Screen (FMS) correctives combined with Ground Force Method assessments designed to identify and correct joint mobility and stability issues, and asymmetries. In addition, we incorporate active recovery intervals (the time used to recover between high intensity training intervals) that enhance pattern recognition, depth perception, memory, balance, and sequencing ability. By actively engaging the brain during recovery intervals we enhance processing speed and force the circulatory system to recovery faster.


Now for the real deal – this is a program designed for middle school and high school athletes who want to experience a dramatic change in athletic performance. It is efficient, effective, purposeful, intense, and challenging. It requires buy-in and a significant commitment from our athletes – if you’re not all in then you are out. The cool part, based on past programs, is that success breeds success rapidly.

Class size is limited to 10 athletes per class. Beginning Jan 29th, we will meet twice a week for 6 weeks for a total cost of $300 plus tax. Registration is first come first served – a waiting list will be established. For questions or additional information please email – or call (203) 913-5213.


Stay safe and Train Smart – Coach George Gomola and Kathleen Chandler SFG

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